Racists come out of the woodwork for confederate flag rally

Apparently they're being "brutally attacked" because of their beliefs:

“The lunatic in Charleston did not understand our flag, our symbols or our heritage. … He was a racist. He was a bigot, and above all he was a lunatic,” said a rally organizer, Bill Starnes of Mount Holly.
But Starnes and others said they, too, have been victims of “attacks upon our heritage and our culture,” as Pastor Creighton Lovelace said in a prayer.

“We should be in prayer for those families in South Carolina,” Starnes said. But, citing calls for removal of the flag, he added that “we have to be here doing this because we have been so brutally attacked.”

I don't see you lying in a pool of your own blood, so maybe you should STFU about brutality. And as far as that "pastor" leading their prayers, he's quite a piece of racist/bigoted/lunatic work:

Thought you might be interested to learn that when the Rev isn't posting signs like this, he's arguing that North Carolina might need to re-fight the Civil War and secede from the Union:

To all concerned: Many doubt the legality of secession, but I affirm it is Constitutional. I am not urging secession; I am on the other hand asking for North Carolina to be prepared for the worst.... I ask you to ponder then: What if 10 years into the future the US accepts Homosexual Unions, and abolishes the churches and attacks the beloved Christian principles of this Nation? We are trapped by our own Constitution, which in 1868 was adopted under bayonet point by the Unionist Carpetbaggers and Reconstructionists. If our nation continues in these roads then it will fall. I for one do not wish to see this great and proud nation fall. But if we Christians do not Stand Up for Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Our Savior, then we ALL will fall. I ask that we, the State of North Carolina educate our children about the truth of our Confederate Heritage and Symbols, and of our Christian Faith, Beliefs, and Heritage....

But you can find him in the comments section of this white-supremacist Web page responding to an article about the racial makeup of a popular TV show:

As for myself personally I found "Friends" degenerate. It never entered my mind that there were no negroes on Friends (or the Jetsons for that matter). This tells me that you must be on the OFFENSIVE and must be LOOKING for something to whine, mew, rabble and complain about. Some Negroes have bettered themselves, but many do not choose to do so. "Friends" has a loose system of morality thus I did not want to watch it. Even if the cast were all White. That being so does not conjure up Civil Rights but a place where these people stick together due to their own volitional choice. I notice that Negroes stick together in groups even though de-segregation has occurred. That may rabble about income-based housing, cheap places to live but it is a core of all civilized people: they WANT to be with their OWN kind. So the Intergration ploy was a rabble to produce America's Tower of Babel! I suppose I've said enough, and save the rest for Sunday...

Once again, it's a shame readers can only find deeper context about people in the news via blogs. I'm not talking about grabbing someone off the street who's waving a Confederate flag and digging into their background, I'm talking about researching the outspoken leaders of these rallies. When readers see the title "pastor," they channel their own church's minister. And that leaves them with a huge misunderstanding of the event that took place, and perpetuates the "post-racial" myth.



He's even dumber than you think

:o Sol is over 93 million miles away, and you could fit over a million Earths inside the space it takes up. And you could probably fit 200 marbles in the empty part of this guys skull not currently being used by that little walnut-sized brain of his...

Heritage and culture

I don't get these morons who claim that the flag isn't racist or hateful, it's just about their "heritage and culture".

Yeah, a heritage of slave owning and culture of white supremacy. In other words, hateful and racist.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

I just got called a racist,

because I made a statement to the effect that many Southern lawmakers and businessmen work from a position of relaxed racism on a daily basis, and that needed to be confronted.

Here's a clue for white Southern males: If that description doesn't apply to you, then there's nothing for you to be offended about.