Sunshine, surfing and sucking the Trump teat along the Carolina coast

A good financial planner worth his or her salt will tell you two things. Always have a financial reserve equal to six, eight or even twelve months in case of an unforeseen emergency. Unforeseen emergencies can include but are not limited to the sudden death of an income producing family member, a sudden change in employment ie. lost job or even the results of a natural disaster. That same planner will also tell you to always be careful when it comes to biting off more than you can financially (debt) chew. When self sufficiency is out of the question, there's always option 2. While the list (below) includes some of the usual and expected right-wing hypocrites, it also makes clear that adherence to the first sentence of this post is irrelevant. Trump Country is unabashedly proud and some of the most well connected and wealthiest people in North Carolina (with ties to the coast) wouldn't blink otherwise. Socialism has many stripes. Apparently in this self inflicted debacle, it's only good for one class. Everyone could use an extra buck these days. Absence of forethought makes for a hollow defense.





Half of those businesses

have only a few (or no) employees to support. Real estate and LLCs pocketing the money, but I didn't see any commercial fishermen listed.