Trump's legal challenges crash into an impenetrable wall of evidence


Our legal system has many flaws, but fantasy isn't one of them:

During a Pennsylvania court hearing this week on one of the many election lawsuits brought by President Donald Trump, a judge asked a campaign lawyer whether he had found any signs of fraud from among the 592 ballots challenged. The answer was no.

Trump has not been so cautious, insisting without evidence that the election was stolen from him even when election officials nationwide from both parties say there has been no conspiracy.

One of the most ironic aspects of this is how many Republicans, who won their elections, are backing up Trump's baseless election fraud claims. Truth be told, most of them know it's bullshit. But they're still afraid of him. They're still afraid of his crazy Q followers. So they're playing along, and making the problem much worse by doing so. It's the height of irresponsibility, but they don't really care about any ill effects it may cause:

“This may be an attempt to appease the ego in chief, but there are real world consequences for real people that come out of that,” said Loyola Law School professor Justin Levitt, a former Justice Department elections official. “The attempt to soothe the president’s ego is not a victimless crime.”

Schmidt told CBS' “60 Minutes” that his office has received death threats simply for counting votes.

“From the inside looking out, it feels all very deranged,” Schmidt said in an interview that aired Sunday. “Counting votes cast on or before Election Day by eligible voters is not corruption. It is not cheating. It is democracy.”

Untold voters, however, are accepting Trump’s claim about a rigged election and are donating to his legal fund.

And of course that may be the (main) reason he's doing this. One last grift to help him prepare for the Deutche Bank reckoning he's been dreading. Tick tock, motherf**ker.



It's all about "retiring" his debt...

from his campaign. If you read the fine print on those "legal defense fund" donation, some 60% is going to the 2020 campaign instead to retire debt. And, given that we know Trump stiffs contractors who are not also named Trump, you can bet that the first and only debts that will be paid are all to his own companies that have been contracted by the campaign. It is, like everything with Trump, simply a new grift to line his own pockets. It's why he's such a serious security risk too (in a counterintelligence sense) because he's so heavily in debt and he now has a grudge against the US, it would be all too easy for someone to buy up that Deutche Bank debt (not to mention all the other, shadier debt he doubtless owes) and use the forgiveness of it to extract secrets from him that we'd really rather people without security clearances didn't know. But it's all profit to Trump and he'll keep at it until he's dead or rotting in prison (and maybe even after that too.)