Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start today's edition with a call to words:

Just a heads-up: The MEC is going through these comments like a Florida Republican elections board, with an eye towards discarding anything that "lacks relevance." Or some such nonsense. So if all you have to say is, "Fracking is bad!", you need to do some more thinking and expound on that idea.

Monroe has an airport? Huh. Maybe you should start your "attract international flights" campaign by letting people know that, you know. Monroe has an airport.

I wish I could explain it, but I don't understand, either.

You know, before the Tea Party crashed onto the scene, seeing some guy dressed in a minuteman outfit would have made me smile. Now it just makes me want to hurl...

Remember the other day when I said that thing about what might happen if ISIS pissed off the House of Saud? I'll tell you people the same thing I tell my children all the time: "You really need to pay attention to the things I say." Meh, it doesn't work with them, so it probably won't work with you...


Keep it up, Thommy boy. If voters decide to take a closer look at this issue, they will see you have nothing of substance to bring to the table:

Tillis said he’s made no decision on troop commitments. But he called it “an utter mistake for the president of the United States and Sen. Hagan to publicly announce what they’re not prepared to do.”

Tillis has said the U.S. doesn’t know enough about who the moderate rebels are and whether it’s a good idea to arm them.

“I actually don’t know if we should or shouldn’t,” Tillis said this week. “I would have to know that these arms would not get in the hands of people who would want to take over the Middle East.”

Tillis blamed Obama and Hagan for not doing more to stem the rise of the Islamic State, though he offered no specifics.

“Much of what we’re dealing with right now is the president, Kay Hagan and (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid trying to find a solution to a problem that they largely created through their inaction and appeasement over the last five years, six years,” he said.

Uh, no. The problem was created by Bush when he used 9/11 to justify attacking and destabilizing Iraq because Saddam tried to kill his daddy. Plus, he was aching to put on a flight suit and strut around like what's-his-name in that movie Independence Day.

Pay no attention to the bible-thumping political consultant behind the curtain. The creator of this "polling" outfit is Pearce Godwin, who wants gay folks to mildly comply with the tyranny of the majority:

Respect is grossly lacking and must be restored around the gay marriage debate. Proponents have been looked down upon and judged by those preaching love on Sundays, while opponents have been called backwards bigots by the very people demanding tolerance. Religion, morality, love and justice are powerful values deeply held and worthy of respect. If you cannot engage in an impassioned debate without resulting to demagoguery, perhaps you should excuse yourself from the discussion.

The two sides will never fully see eye to eye. Their world views are too different. This is why we are all so fortunate to live in a democracy. All people should take their genuine beliefs on gay marriage to the voting booth without reproach. And all people should accept the outcome as democratically just, win or lose, until the next vote.

Gay marriage will be settled one day. In the mean time, let's not lose friends and offend our neighbors with a lack of respect and tolerance for differing viewpoints.

You know what? If losing friends and offending neighbors is what it takes to get it through their rock-hard heads that they don't have the right to limit somebody else's rights, then that's what's going to happen. So you can take your smarmy apologetic bullshit and your pointless polling numbers and cram 'em right up your fourth point of contact. How's that for "worthy" discussion?

Anger makes me tired, so here's your Onion:

See, it's funny because they make it look like he's giving birth...*sigh*. Nevermind. Here's another:

:) That's just wrong...