Tuesday Twitter roundup

Let's start out with a non-starter:

Wesley, according to your cohorts in the Republican Party, Medicaid fraud is a pretty dang serious issue. I understand why you wouldn't want to talk about it, it's just not a legitimate reason.

So...the King changed his mind? When they come and get me from this dungeon they're not going to chop off my head? Great news, thank you so much!

And now I'm more depressed than I've been in decades. Thanks a lot.

Nah, that would just be God intelligently designing a more prayer-worthy disease.

The masks are to protect against the chem trails the government sprays everybody with under the guise of jet airplane travel.

You go right ahead. Tillis thinks he can pick up some points at the polls by trying to hold back the tides of change? He's more likely to drown, and take a few of his fellow Republicans with him.

Here's the skinny:

“The fact is, 'Tom Murry for NC House' does not exist, according to the State Board of Elections,” said Casey Mann, Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party. “We are simply asking that everyone plays on a level playing field and be transparent with their ads. Based on his filings with the State Board of Elections we can only assume these ads were paid for by Rep. Murry’s NC Healthy Leadership Committee. By filing this complaint, we are respectfully requesting that Representative Murry take this ad down immediately until his campaign can accurately represent who is paying for his ads.”

When I read the beginning of this press release, I was like, "Meh. Nit-picking a simple mistake." But the more I think about it, the more likely it appears somebody decided using the correct name (NC Healthy Leadership Committee) might backfire since voters are being constantly lambasted with ads from ambiguous dark-money committees. Or whoever paid for the ad didn't know the real name, which is considerably worse. Whatever the case, it's not nit-picking, and it does deserve an answer.

Yeah, it's pretty simple economics. You can't cut taxes without cutting spending, unless you're willing to go deep into debt. Just ask George W. Bush.

:) On that hilarious note, it's Onion time:

Now that is funny. :)




I'm assuming that "safe to hunt with" is a nod to Dick Cheney accidentally shooting a pal with his shotgun. Unless there's a Chaney out there who's also done something like that, this dude (who is running against Graig Meyer) has either a spelling or personal identity problem.