Tuesday Twitter roundup

Delays and lawsuits are Duke Energy's bread and butter:

And once again, if they had used liners on the bottom of their ash pits to begin with, we wouldn't be having this debate.

I can't get through a day without seeing a poll (or three) showing good numbers on the upcoming 2020 election. But then I remember how poorly they predicted the 2016 outcome, and I'm tempted to just ignore all the polls...

FWIW, this is a blatant misuse of the office of the Treasurer, getting free radio time with the sole purpose of aiding his re-election campaign. But this is how Republicans roll.

Thomas is spot on with this one:

Today, they support a president who believes he’s above the law, resisting Congressional oversight and abusing executive power. They pretend like his sexual misconduct either didn’t happen or is somehow ok. They’ve accepted a trade war with China that’s killing American farmers. They blasted Obama for saying he would meet with dictators without conditions and then looked the other way while Trump courts and gets played by Kim Jung-Un. They’re okay with a president who refuses to disengage from his wide-ranging business interests despite obvious and potentially dangerous conflicts of interest. When Clinton allowed big donors to stay in the Lincoln bedroom, conservatives declared it a national scandal. When foreign governments lease entire floors of Trump properties, Republicans today shrug. And when Trump let’s a business associate and dictator invade another country to massacres our allies, Republicans like Thom Tillis say they’ll defer to his judgment.

The GOP’s capitulation to Trump is not cynical politics. It’s pathological. They’ve let him undermine the core principles that defined conservatism just a few years ago. They deny he’s damaged the office of the presidency and our standing in the world despite irrefutable evidence. They retreat to the comfort of the Fox News green room where they’ve created an alternative reality where anything Trump does is good and any criticism of him is fake news. That’s the real Trump Derangement Syndrome and it won’t end well either for the Republican Party or for our country.

Yep. Probably the biggest victim in this whole surreal experience is truth itself. It is disappearing from view like a Star Trek character being drawn back into sub-space.

Ugggh, the last thing we need is Renee Ellmers hopping on the ncpol Twitter feed once again. (runs to get Ibuprofen)

Example #73 why voting in municipal elections is critical. Do your part, folks.

Not good, to say the least. Especially considering the Secretary of State is the top U.S. diplomat to the rest of the world, which includes hundreds of millions who follow other religions.

Dangerously delusional. Also, doesn't it kinda look like Lady Liberty is giving Trump the finger? And it's well-deserved...

That's not just "really disappointing," it's a tragic level of disregard.

That's like a hybrid of four different logical fallacies, so let me make it simple for you: There's no way in hell Dr. Spalding who lives in Fairway Estates is going to give up his Wednesday tee time to travel to Duplin County to treat flood victims, but if an out-of-state MD or PA is willing to help, the last thing those hurricane victims need is for the state to block them. It ain't rocket surgery, it's common sense. Pick another issue to twist, 'cause this one's off limits.

That's tonight, folks. I can't make it because I'll be in front of a live audience asking me questions (yikes!), but you should tune in to the above.

Don't hold your breath. Between the three of them, I doubt you'd find a single vertebrae, much less an entire spine.

On that contemptible note, here's your Onion:

Dammit! Well, he's got to eventually uncuff himself to go to the bathroom. Then again...