Tuesday Twitter roundup

Make sure and vote today, folks:

I don't normally agree with Republican operatives like the above, but this sales tax is both regressive and tone-deaf. Tens of thousands in Charlotte are living in poverty with little hope of climbing out, and boosting the arts and culture while that persists is a disconnect from reality.

I second that emotion, Representative Reives. The unnecessary human suffering must stop, but it looks like we'll probably need a majority to do that. 170 races, 170 Democrats running.

Coupla half-witted losers, right there...

Just a heads-up, I'm one of those who are running. You probably won't see me here on BlueNC after about 8:30 a.m., so behave yourselves. ;)

They really have no shame.

Not a Durham resident, but I highly recommend this bond. Gun violence in the most vulnerable parts of the City has skyrocketed recently, and those folks need help on several different fronts. Housing affordability is a great place to start.

Ultimate Fighting Championship? Trump's entourage couldn't defeat a pissed-off kitten, much less a punching, kicking steroid abuser. Never ceases to amaze me how chicken hawks get off on stuff they're too cowardly to do themselves.

Honestly, 3-4 years ago that would have rocked the nation. Now it's just another day in Trumpland.

The UNC BOG is continuing to implode, mainly because the Republican majority is not interested in empaneling the best candidates. Flunkies are what flunkies do...

By all rights we should pick up a few seats, if not a majority of them. A computer analysis done by Duke University last year compared several thousand maps, and the largest grouping of them had Democrats holding five seats to the GOP's eight. It is no doubt selfish of me to hope that Mark Walker's is one of them that flips, but that preacher-man gives me a facial tic whenever I hear his voice. Time to go, padre.

On that hopeful note, here's your Onion:

That will be on Fox News in 3...2...1...