Tuesday Twitter roundup

The way forward:

This is a great group of young Dems, highly energetic and smart as a whip. Looking forward to seeing them in action.

^ She's not wrong...

They really have been bringing their A-game here lately.

Hah! Don't hold your breath...

He's a toad, and a stool. A toadstool.

The answer to this is really simple:

A first-term Democratic governor and the Republican senate majority leader in Kansas agreed on a compromise last week that would allow it to become the 38th state — and 15th red — to expand its Medicaid program.

The agreement is the third of its kind recently between a Democratic governor and Republican-controlled legislature counting Kentucky and Louisiana.

Those bipartisan successes have raised the question of why a compromise can’t be reached in a similar scenario in North Carolina.

BergerMoore is not interested in making any compromises, especially when it comes to anything associated with Barack Obama. It doesn't matter if it will improve health outcomes (not to mention save lives), considerations like that aren't even on their radar.

Mitch McConnell has refused to agree to any particular format for the Senate Impeachment trial, has hinted that he may simply dismiss the charges outright, and has openly admitted he will function as the White House's agent in the process. It's an outrageous affront to the U.S. Constitution and the people of the United States, not to mention a deep erosion to the integrity of the Senate. If you want somebody to blame for the delay, blame him.

There's got to be some pay-to-play in there somewhere. I have spent several hours researching possible connections between Istation, its leadership, and NC elected officials, and come up with squat so far. It's possible Mark Johnson just fell for a slick sales presentation, but him throwing close to a million dollars at them recently would suggest something more is going on.

My understanding is, Mickey is going to step down after a Primary winner is chosen, so that candidate can run as an incumbent. So we've only got him for a couple months, and most of that time the General Assembly will not be in session. Enjoy him while you can...

On that odd and sad note, here's your Onion:

Oh wow, man...Wait, that needs music...