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Possible Ku Klux Klan march in Durham today

What was that about Antifa being the aggressors? Right, shut the hell up:

The Durham County Sheriff’s Office is preparing for a possible march by white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan marching in Durham today. “The Sheriff’s Office is thoroughly researching the potential of several groups with opposing viewpoints holding demonstrations in Durham,” Sheriff Mike Andrews said in a statement.

City Manager Tom Bonfield said he is unaware of any permit being obtained for a march. Mayor Bill Bell said he was heading to City Hall to get more information.

I hesitated posting this, because I don't want myself or the website to increase the possibility of a violent confrontation. But we're also not in the business of "deciding" what information is healthy for you or not, or in any other way treating our readers like impressionable children who need managing. That being said, *please* be careful, and keep your distance. Some people simply can't be reasoned with.

Fascism Watch: Spike of anti-Semitism on college campuses

Proving that pure evil never dies, it just lays in wait:

Benjamin Kuperman, associate professor and chair of computer science at Oberlin College, and his wife reportedly heard tapping sounds outside their home early in the morning on Nov. 17. They opened the front door to discover smashed seashells and a note behind their mezuzah, a small case that contains parchment with verses from the Torah, which many Jews place on the door frames. The note read, in glued letters, “Gas Jews Die,” according to the local Chronicle-Telegram.

And in just three words, this jackass not only threatened a professor and his wife, he also voiced his support for the Holocaust. Should we try to "understand" where this person is coming from? Start up some kind of dialogue? Rationalize it away, speculate that he doesn't really want anybody to come to harm, he's just frustrated? No. We don't have that luxury, and the Kupermans damned sure don't have that luxury. It's a hate crime, and should be treated as such, because such incidents are becoming more common:

Deputies disciplined in Trump sucker-punch fiasco

While the Father of Lies continues his march to the White House:

Three of the deputies have been demoted and will be suspended without pay for five days for “unsatisfactory performance and failing to discharge the duties and policies of the office of sheriff,” according to a statement released by Sheriff Earl Butler of Cumberland County on his Facebook page. The other two deputies were suspended for three days without pay. All five were to be placed on probation for the next year, Sheriff Butler said. The names of the deputies were not released.

Without a doubt at least a couple of those deputies witnessed the assault; the one at the top of the stairs was looking right at the two men when it happened. But instead of trying to assess the injuries of the victim while taking his attacker into custody, they treated the victim like a common criminal and ignored the punch-thrower. All that being said, it was Trump himself who was responsible, and his lack of remorse will allow the cycle of violence to continue to escalate:

So much for the first black Chairman of the NC GOP

It was only a matter of time:

N.C. Republican Party Chairman Hasan Harnett said Tuesday that his party email account was shut off by executive director Dallas Woodhouse – a dispute that highlights major strife between the two leaders just days before the primary.

“I mean seriously, is this some form of ritual or hazing you would put the first black chairman of the NCGOP State Party through?” Harnett wrote. “Or is it because I am not white enough for you? You keep pushing the limits. I guess time will only tell what your real plot and schemes are all about against me.”

Sure, you can join the club, but we can't let you actually play on the golf course. It's nothing personal, mind you. That's just the way it is.

White flight when CIAA comes to town

It's not an invasion, it's a basketball tournament:

Last year, when I structured a major deal with CIAA, I was informed that by February, when the games began, white people would leave Charlotte, running in fear of their lives because, God forbid, the blacks were coming to town. And they were bringing their wild parties and shameless outfits and affinity for massive traffic to the city with them.

It’s unfortunate that there is a history of collegiate sportsmanship behind the CIAA brand that exists beyond the fear of too many black people being in close proximity to one another. The college athletes don’t get recognized for their skill and tenacity. The aunts and uncles and grandmothers that come to support their alma mater go unrecognized. The scholarships and community service that are provided in the name of education and sports are not mentioned in conversation.

She's right, and the mainstream media is just as guilty of "reducing" this event to a public nuisance as the white elite are. I don't remember which teams won the Championship games in the last few years, but I do remember a fight that took place off the court between rival teams. Every Spring when (mostly white) fraternities converge on beaches ranging from the Jersey shore to Cancún, scores of them are arrested for fighting, drug abuse, and other behavior "frowned upon" by society; but that's just kids "blowing off steam" and doesn't pose a threat to the general public. Our perception of what is and is not a threat is colored. No, I didn't forget to finish that sentence.

Confederacy of dunces coming to Chapel Hill


Don't worry, there is no mastermind behind this event

“It’s nothing racist,” Williamson said. “It’s standing up namely for the school itself, which a lot of people don’t understand, and the folks who went to Chapel Hill, the student body who fought for the cause of Northern oppression. That’s what the Civil War was about.” Southerners who fought in the Civil War were standing up for their rights by opposing “overbearing government, taxes” and the taking of their land, he said.

“We’re not just standing up for one particular thing,” Williamson said. “We’re standing up for the state of North Carolina and the good parts that need to be remembered, not the bad stuff. The bad stuff, we had no part in, and that’s not why we fought the war.”

Taxes? There were no Federal income taxes levied on North Carolinians prior to the early 20th Century. There were tariffs, but those only tangentially affected most citizens. The State, however, did decide to avoid property taxes, which would hurt their slave plantation-owning friends, and instead taxed the crap out of the middle class. And just like it is these days, half of the population refused to recognize the tyranny in their own back yard.

Did Randall Kerrick plan on abusing or shooting black suspect?

It sure looks like it:

Officer Kerrick admitted that he had not fired any warning shots and had not ordered Mr. Ferrell to show his hands. He also acknowledged that he intentionally turned off his cruiser’s dashboard camera when he arrived.

“This was not just any call,” Officer Kerrick said. “This was a priority breaking-and-entering call at 2:30 in the morning with the homeowner inside the house.”

“It wasn’t an important enough call to you to leave your D.M.V.R. on, right?” Ms. Postell asked, referring to his dashboard-mounted video recorder.


Enough said. When you take a step like this to knowingly conceal your future actions, for fear they will be deemed illegal, that is (or should be) classified as "intent," if not premeditation. And once again, one of the most important witnesses of this incident cannot take the stand.

Confederate denialism continues in Hillsborough


Who said there were no more traveling circuses?

One rhetorical showdown involved retired contractor Timothy Blyston of Broadway and a member of the Sons of the Confederacy organization who said he has “hundreds of black friends.” He asserted that the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery and repeated a slogan visible on many signs: “It’s not hate, it’s heritage. And all lives matter.”

Donning a forward-tilting rebel cap, Blystone approached Russell Bassett, a retired credit manager from Cedar Grove. As their voices rose and their faces drew closer, another protester gently guided them apart. “My great-grandparents were slaves,” Bassett said afterward. “I wouldn’t be an [expletive] and bring my Union outfit. But he’s gonna bring that [rebel cap] and put it in my face?”

I have a sinking feeling these confrontations are only going to get worse, until violence (once again) enters the picture and we're counting the bullet-ridden bodies.

Confederate racism denial journal

Pay no attention to the redneck behind the curtain:

“We’re not here to promote racism. That’s not what the flag is about..."

“The KKK took the flag and made it racist, and that’s not what it’s from..."

"...the people out here don’t look at it as racist. It’s just our ancestry.”

Yes, an ancestry of buying and selling people like cattle, based on the color of their skin and their ancestry. The journal continues:


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